Essar Oil is committed to minimising pollution, reducing environmental footprint and optimising resource consumption by planning and carrying out operations through environmentally responsible processes, techniques and practices.

We continuously recognise and assess environmental risks in our operations through risk and impact assessments and regular audits. Our approach is towards mitigating risks, minimising pollution, reducing our environmental footprint and optimising resource consumption. All the environmental aspects, impacts and plans are part of an environmental management plan which is specific to each site.

Our approach towards climate change mitigation and adaptation continues to aim at providing clean solutions to our customers and reducing our carbon footprint by adopting the latest technology and energy conservation measures. In addition, managing regulations, stakeholders’ expectations and costs are key factors in our approach. At Essar Oil, the greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation approach includes optimisation and energy conservation schemes. Various activities were carried out across the Vadinar refinery which reduced energy consumption and in turn the GHG emissions.

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