Energy saving opportunities

Energy -saving -opportunitiesRefinery operations are generally energy intensive operations and more often than not, there are opportunities for energy reduction. The energy conservation team at Vadinar continually works at identifying such opportunities. During the reporting period, the team implemented four projects that resulted in energy savings of 18,224,085 kWh. These projects ranged from operational change to process change. All the projects undertaken were thoroughly studied for existing configuration, proposed modification, investment required, energy saved and payback period before implementation.

One of the projects was a rerouting of light gas oil pump around to increase the crude preheat temperature to the desired level which, previously, was a big concern earlier due to limitations in crude distillation unit heater duty. This project alone resulted in energy savings of 2,093,400 kWh.

In another case, which resulted in energy savings of 18 kW per hour and  a total of 76,464 kWh saved during the reporting period, the differential pressure between  the source and destination for product transfer was used instead of using a pump.

In addition to the above, two clean development mechanism projects, which have already been implemented contributed to carbon emission reductions. The projects are as follows:

  • Fuel switch from fuel oil to natural gas in existing 77 MW power plant at Essar Oil India.
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions through replacement of fuel oil with natural gas in refinery furnace operations at Essar Oil India.
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