Hazardous waste reduction and utilisation

Hazardous -waste -reductionVadinar: Hazardous waste reduction and utilisation

Oily sludge is one of the hazardous wastes generated as a result of refinery operations. High water content in the sludge generated from the effluent treatment plant at the Vadinar refinery resulted in larger volumes to be disposed of. Both bio-sludge and oily sludge were combined thereby compounding the quantity. With abundant sunshine at the site it was decided to first segregate bio-sludge from oily sludge then turn, spread and sun-dry the mixtures. The proportion of water reduced from 70% to 15% with a corresponding reduction in quantities to be disposed of.

The bio-sludge is used for horticulture and the oily sludge is sent to the treatment, storage and disposal facility site for disposal. This has resulted in a vast reduction in hazardous waste disposal and operating expenses.

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