Employee safety perception survey

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Increasingly, safety perception surveys are used as a measure of the health and safety culture in organisations. Often employee behaviour is influenced by what they perceive to be true.  As a result, in FY2012 our refinery at Vadinar engaged DuPont India to conduct an employee safety perception survey and since then many successful initiatives have been introduced such as Site Safety Observations, Disciplinary Procedure and Life Saving Rules among others. 

During FY2014, Vadinar decided to conduct another safety perception survey through a web portal to encourage the widest participation possible and reduce the environmental impact by making the exercise paperless. A questionnaire comprising 54 questions on the following eight areas was sent to all employees: management commitment/ involvement; safety procedure and practices; supervisor involvement; employee participation/safety culture; communication; safety training; personal role and process safety. 

Encouragingly, over 76% of employees participated in the survey, which resulted in a higher score than the FY2012 survey and demonstrated that there has been a marked improvement in perception of all aspects of safety, from management commitment and the value attached to it through to employee empowerment and involvement.

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