Appreciative inquiry

An ‘Appreciative inquiry’ has been introduced in FY2014 to connect with employees at the positive core-creating, superior levels of human engagement.  The Appreciative inquiry is designed to discover and value those factors that ’give life‘ to an organisation, group or individual.  It is about reminding employees about the things that make the organisation unique, powerful and the best it can be.

The HR team regularly interacts with individual employees to “Discover” what is and what might be the “Dream”.  The idea is to get employees to focus on the positives and participate in the “Design” of an ideal experience that will become the “Destiny” of the Company. The 4D cycle became the core of our interactions.

Appr Inquiry


Close to 700 Appreciative inquiries were conducted in FY2014. The areas for inquiry included culture, connect, communication, careers, engagement, learning & development, rewards & recognition, HR technology, PMS, HR operations and policies, compensation, talent management, talent acquisition and induction.

Employees were encouraged to talk about products and services they liked the most.  They also shared ideas of how to make things better. Gradually they started focusing on eliminating  the occasions of “getting it wrong”, and started  working  together to find, understand, learn from and expand the occasions of “getting it right”.  The focus soon shifted from problems to solutions and from problem solving to reflecting on what we do best.  Some of the actions taken in engagement, communication, learning and development, iInnovation, pay and benefits were influenced by the inputs received in the Appreciative inquiry process.  

The Company is now in the process of compiling the success stories which will inspire greater participation in this process.  The Appreciative Inquiry has become a powerful tool in creating a psychological contract with employees, helping them to understand that high performing teams are happy teams.

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