Expectations from our Dealers

Essar Ro 3i.    Land to Lease:

The size of the land should be above 800 sq. meters in your town of or above 1200 sq. meters on the highway to set up your retail outlet. However it may vary from location to location and the type of retail outlet to be established. The land should be levelled and developed. The dealer will have to lease his land to Essar Oil Limited for a period of 30 years.

ii.    Investment for Retail Outlet development:

In Essar Oil’s dealership model, the dealer has to develop the outlet as per requirements and standards specified by the company. Essar Oil will provide engineering guidance and technical assistance. The investment required would vary depending upon the type and location of the retail outlet. The dealer will be required to stock the minimum quantity of fuel needed, keeping in mind the sales volumes to ensure that there are no stock-outs

iii.    Statutory Permissions:

The dealer needs to obtain statutory clearances, NOCs and permissions from district authorities or government agencies such as explosives license, retail selling license, sales tax registrations etc. However our representatives will assist the dealer in obtaining the same. All the clearances, NOCs and permissions will be in the name of Essar Oil Limited.

iv.    Involvement in the business:

Any successful business requires genuine efforts and interest from the owner. In this case, since our dealers own the business, it is in their interest to get involved in the business, abide by its best practices and this could reap benefits in the form of a steady line of business for their future generations

Become a proud owner of an Essar Oil Fuel Station

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