Steps in becoming an Essar Oil Franchisee

Always wanted to own a fuel station but though it would be a lengthy process? You can now own and manage your fuel station and there a 3 key milestones right from your application to becoming a proud owner of a fuel station. Go through the below steps to understand all the important processes, documentation and timelines for each of these milestones.

STEP 1: Post Application Process

The first development is from application to achieving your Letter Of Acceptance(LOA). Here’s a video and the literature to guide you towards achieving your LOA.

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The second milestone after receiving an LOA is acquiring a No Objection Certificate(NOC) which is issued by the District Magistrate's office. To know more about the documents and procedure required to acquire an NOC click on the PDF.

STEP 3: NOC to Commissioning

The final leg will take you through processes involved in commissioning your fuel station. It details all the licenses, documents and key timelines right from getting your NOC until the commissioning of your fuel station. Click on the PDF to go through the details.

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