Shareholders Concern


For shares held in physical form

You have to submit a nomination form duly filled in duplicate and signed. If you are holding shares along with other holders then all the holders will have to sign the nomination form.

After the form is received by the Company, and if found in order, a registration number will be allotted to the nomination. A duplicate copy of the nomination form received from you will then be returned back to you with an endorsement indicating the registration number and date.

You can download the nomination form or ask for a copy of the same from the Share Transfer Agent.

For shares held in demat form

In case of dematerialized shares, your nomination has to be recorded with your Depository Participant.

Registration of e-mail ID

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has taken a Green initiative in Corporate Governance by allowing paperless compliance by companies. In this regard, the Ministry has issued circular no. 17/2011. dated April 21, 2011 and no. 18/2011 dated April 29, 2011. Accordingly, companies can now send various documents electronically to those shareholders who register their email addresses.

It is a welcome move as this will reduce paper consumption. The benefits also include:

  • Timely receipt of annual reports, and other communications
  • No loss of documents in transit
  • Receiving all information and communications even, if address is changed and while travelling

The Company proposes to send periodic communications including AGM and other General Meeting notices and explanatory statement(s) thereto, Balance Sheets, Director’s Reports, Auditor’s Reports etc. through email to shareholders whose e-mails are registered with the Company. The Company would also display full text of these documents on its website: as soon as they are issued and issue advertisements in newspapers informing that the documents are available in the website.

To receive all communications by e-mail:

  • Holders of shares in physical form are requested to fill up the enclosed e-mail registration form , duly signed, & send it by post or forward scanned copy by e mail to
  • Members holding shares in dematerialised form may register the e-mails with the Company or the Depository Participant (DP).

Change of Address

Kindly send a request letter to the Share Transfer Agent signed by the shareholder (first named shareholder in case of joint-holders) giving the new address along with the Pin Code and folio number. The request has to be accompanies by certified copy of your PAN Card alongside with the copy of any of the following documents viz: Rent Receipt / Maintenance Bill / Electricity bill / Telephone Bill / Ration card / Driving License / Passport.

Only on receipt of the above documents and on our satisfying that the same are in order, we will record the change of address and send you a confirmation. Please note that until then communications will continue to be mailed to you at your old address.

Please note that request for change in address made by joint holder/s will not be accepted.

In case you are holding shares in electronic form please lodge your request you’re your Depository Participant.

Transposition of names

A request letter in the format provided alongside duly in the signed by all the existing holders intimating the required changes, along with original share certificate(s) and self-attested PAN Card need to be furnished to the Share Transfer Agents.

In case you are holding shares in electronic form please lodge your request you’re your Depository Participant.

Request for Deletion of name

Deletion of name can be made only in the event of death of one of the joint shareholders, where shares are held jointly by 2 or more investors.

For seeking deletion of name for shares held in physical form, the surviving shareholder/s will have to submit a suitable request letter to the Transfer Agent, under the signatures of all the surviving share holders quoting their Folio number and supported by an attested copy of the Death Certificate of the deceased shareholder, the relevant share certificates and self attested copy of PAN cards of surviving joint holder(s).

The Company on receipt of the valid documents will delete the name of deceased shareholder from its records and return the share certificates to the applicant/registered holders with necessary endorsement.

Format of the request letter to be submitted to the Share Transfer Agents is enclosed.

In case you are holding shares in electronic form please lodge your request with your Depository Participant.

Change of name

A request letter duly signed by the registered holders together with original share/debenture certificate(s), attested copy of Marriage Certificate (in case the changes due to Marriage) or attested copy of gazette (in case of change of name through gazette), fresh specimen signatures along with a self-attested PAN Card Copy needs to be furnished.

In case you are holding shares in electronic form please lodge your request you’re your Depository Participant.

Change of signature

For change in specimen signature can make a request to the Share Transfer Agents supported by an Affidavit on Rs. 100/- stamp paper and Proof of identity of all the holders PAN Card duly verified.

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