Essar Oil on the list of Top 20 companies in India for CSR

The list has been compiled through a survey conducted jointly by The Economic Times and IIM, Udaipur

Essar Oil has always ensured that the business and related communities in the vicinity prosper together. While corporate social responsibility remains the focus of the business, the creation of significant impact is a reward in itself. In a recent survey conducted by The Economic Times and Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur, Essar Oil has been featured among the top 20 companies for its CSR efforts.

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Essar Oil was placed in the category of ‘Smart Utilisers’  - these are companies that have managed to create a significant CSR impact by making intelligent use of CSR funds. Essar Oil has worked in areas related to infrastructure, development, healthcare, water conservation and education. Efforts in all these different areas, aligned with the sustainability development goals have ensured that Essar emerges amongst the top companies in India for its CSR efforts.

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